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Yuichi Usagi (兎 由一 (うさぎ ゆいち) ) is the fictional titular character in the Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles Netflix series.


Usagi Yuichi is a direct descendant of Usagi Miyamoto who grew up on his Auntie's farm with his pet Tokage, Spot. Before he could walk, the young rabbit dreamed of being a samurai, growing up on tales of his ancestor's many adventures, and wanted to leave up to that legacy.

One day, during his many daydreams of fighting Yokai, Yuichi attacked his Auntie's farmbotto, pretending it was an enemy, and accidentally ruined a large portion of their crops. After a brief chastisement from his Auntie, Yuichi realized that he'd never live up to his ancestor's legacy if he stayed on the farm and determined to go to Neo-Edo in the hopes of becoming a real samurai. He tried sneaking away in the middle of the night but was quickly caught by Auntie. She, too, realized that Yuichi's destiny was not to remain on this farm and bequeathed to him her katana, Edgewing, which was forged by her and Yuichi's great-grandfather, and had a crystal in the handle called the Omurasaki, which had been passed down through the family since Miyamoto Usagi.

Before he left for Neo-Edo, Auntie strongly recommended that Yuichi find a suitable sensei to train him. While on the road, Yuichi quickly disregarded his Auntie's advice, believing himself to already be too good to need a sensei.


Yuichi is full of confidence, with a strong sense of justice, possesses a great loyalty to his friends and family, and at the center of it all, he has a kind heart. However, he is also very arrogant and headstrong, has a bad habit of acting without thinking, is very easily distracted, and can be very selfish in his desire to become a samurai.

In many ways, Yuichi is almost exactly like his ancestor, Miyamoto Usagi, was when he was young. However, unlike when Miyamoto Usagi was young, Yuichi doesn't understand the importance of a sensei and originally disregards the very notion of having one, believing he's already a great warrior.

Fighting Style

Yuichi apparently has no formal training, so much of his skill is probably self-taught and whatever his Auntie might have taught him, but he is still a natural-born swordsman and is highly skilled when it comes to combat. However, despite Yuichi's apparent skill, he relies far too much on his natural talent and has had difficulty against more veteran martial artists like Lady Fuwa of the Neko Ninjas, and often loses the upper hand because of how easily distracted he is. Yuichi also has no experience in fighting against less conventional opponents with abilities he's never faced, like the flying Bat Crew or the Mogura Crew's finger-snapping shockwave.

Of anyone in the series so far, Yuichi's shown to be the most capable of fighting against Yokai due to his extensive knowledge of them and being more eager than afraid to fight them.

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