"The Doors" is a story that was first published in Usagi Yojimbo Color Special 2 and reprinted in Book 22: Tomoe's Story. The reprinted version in Tomoe's Story is in black and white and includes slight revisions that clarify the story's chronological placement after "Sumi-E". (Stan Sakai has stated that the color specials have their own chronology and that the main story had not caught up to the color specials chronologically until after Dark Horse issue 89.)

Plot synopsisEdit

Lord Noriyuki receives as a gift screens depicting Minamoto No Yorimitsu and his four lieutenants battling the earth-spider. One of the spiders painted on the screen comes to life and poisons Lord Noriyuki. While Tomoe Ame watches over Noriyuki, another spider comes to life and attacks them. Meanwhile, Usagi discovers that Goyemon, the painter who created the screens, used the cursed ink set from "Sumi-E." Goyemon creates Uwabami, a giant serpent, and a Tengu with the ink set to attack Usagi. During his fight with the Tengu, Usagi manages to kill Goyemon, and all of the creatures that he created with the ink set disappear. During the battle with the creatures created by the ink set, the ink set is lost. In a brief epilogue, it is revealed that a young child took the ink set and used it to create a butterfly, demonstrating that the ink set is only harmful if its user has evil intentions.

Characters featured in this storyEdit