Kagemaru is the chunin (executive officer) and the informal jonin (ninja leader) of the Neko Ninja clan. Ambitious and power-hungry, he was able to manipulate Lord Hebi into supporting him to become the new leader of the Neko Ninja.

Kagemaru places clan values above all other values, even when objected by Chizu, the clan leader. On one occasion, he hunted down and captured two Neko ninja who wanted to start a new life and justified his actions by stating "Once a Neko ninja, always a Neko ninja".

History Edit

The First TenetEdit

Kagemaru attempted to sneak up on a meditating Lord Hebi, and though about how simple it would be to assassinate him. Before he tried to, however, Lord Hebi noticed him. Kagemaru handed over a conspiracy agreement against the shogun taken from Lord Hikiji's messenger. Assuming he stole it, Lord Hebi pinned Kagemaru to the wall and furiously dubbed him as a traitor. Kagemaru quickly denied the accusation and reported that Chizu was behind the theft. He added that Chizu gave it to him for safe-keeping, but felt he needed to bring the news to Lord Hikiji. Despite the paper being worthless as it did not have the signatures of the lords who joined the agreement, Hebi announced that he would arrange an audience to expose Chizu and that if she were killed, Kagemaru would become the new clan leader. After leaving, he revealed (while thinking to himself) that he kept the rest of the document for his own use. To further gain Lord Hebi's trust, Kagemaru hired assassins to kill him while he was travelling. Just after Hebi's entourage was caught off-guard, Kagemaru and a group of ninja appeared to "rescue" him. After that, Lord Hebi offered full support for Kagemaru becoming the Neko Ninja leader and assured that Chizu would be taken care of.

Grasscutter IIEdit

Kagemaru and Chizu were tasked with obtaining the legendary sword Kusanagi in order to give Lord Hikiji a political advantage. Kagemaru, however, did not attempt to retrieve the sword until Miyamoto Usagi's party was near Atsuta shrine, where he briefly fought with the rabbit ronin. Kagemaru had Usagi as his mercy, but reatreated, realizing that he sword was already returned. It was not a total loss for Kagemaru though, because this would give him the perfect window to usurp the Neko Ninja leadership from Chizu.

Becoming JoninEdit

During a meeting between Lord Hebi and Chizu, Kagemaru suddenly appeared to accuse Chizu of working with Usagi. Immediately after Chizu denied the accusation, Kagemaru declared her unfit to lead the Neko ninja and signaled large numbers of ninja to capture her. While Chizu was busy evading at least half of the clan, Lord Hebi congratulated Kagemaru on becoming jonin, but noted that he will never truly become leader if Chizu remained alive.