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The Geishu clan is a major clan of samurai in Usagi Yojimbo led by Lord Noriyuki (previously by Lord Mataichi) which rules the Geishu province from the White Heron Castle. The clan was involved in a significant amount of Miyamoto Usagi's various adventures.

Because the clan places their loyalty towards the shogun, it harbors a hostile relationship with Lord Hikiji, who wishes to overthrow the shogun. As such, the Geishu clan has had many conflicts with Hikiji's benefactors, including the Neko Ninja, Komori ninja and even traitors within the Geishu clan itself.


Before the events of Usagi Yojimbo, a power struggle between Lord Ikeda and Lord Mataichi ensued. Mataichi's forces won the battle and Ikeda's forces were forced to retreat into hiding as peasants.