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Garfield Homecoming is a four-issue miniseries where Garfield leaves his house to join a circus. Stan provided the retailer incentive variant cover for issue #1.


  • (W) Scott Nickel (A) Antonio Alfaro (CA) Andy Hirsch (A/CA) Sara Talmadge
  • The Fat Cat returns in this all-new four issue limited series, where Garfield explores what life's like outside of the friendly confines of Jon's house. Feeling mistreated and unappreciated by Jon, Garfield embarks on a journey for a new home. Along the way, Garfield meets up with a clown who works in an old-timey travelling circus. Convinced that this is the place for him, Garfield becomes part of the act. Wait. What is that cannon for?
  • Writer Scott Nickel (Garfield: His 9 Lives) will pair with a different artist each issue, and Sara Talmadge (Steven Universe) takes us through this wild ride in the circus!

Release date

June 6, 2018

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