General Buichi Toda was a servant of Lord Mifune. Following his treachery at the Battle of Adachigahara, he was slain by Miyamoto Usagi.

Character HistoryEdit

After the assassination of his wife and child, Lord Mifune mustered an army and went to war with Lord Hikiji. General Toda was one of his most important generals. During the battle, Lord Mifune appeared to have the upper hand when General Toda led his forces to join with those of Lord Hikiji and attacked Lord Mifune's left flank. As a result of this treachery, Lord Mifune was slain and the battle lost.

Following the battle, General Toda expected to be rewarded by Lord Hikiji. Instead he was beaten and cast out, denied even the opportunity to commit seppuku. He and his wife became wanderers. Eventually they settled in an abandoned hut near the battlefield. Toda was gradually transformed into a goblin and preyed on wayfarers until he attempted to kill Miyamoto Usagi, who slew him. In doing so, Usagi finally avenged the betrayal of his lord.