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Beauty of the Beasts #2

Beauty of the Beasts was a four-issue series of furry pin-ups by various artists. It was published by Mu Press and the four issues came out from 1992-1997.


Art by Richard J. Bartrop, David Bliss, Guy Brownlee, Cindy Crowell, Mike Dashow, Bill Fitts, Steven A. Gallacci, Mike Higgs, Garrett Ho, Heather Hudson, Mike Kazaleh, Adrian Kleinbergen, Monika Livingston, Chuck Melville, Tom Milliorn, Gus Norman, Mike Raabe, Sky Rigdon, Toivo Rovainen, Lou Scarborough, Marc Schirmeister, Eric Schwartz, Jay Shell, Diana Vick, Edd Vick, Anthony Waters, Taral Wayne, and Vicky Wyman. A collection of anthropomorphic (aka furry) pin-ups by artists associated with that fandom.

  • 32 pages
  • B&W
  • Mature readers
  • Publisher: Mu Press
  • Cover Price: $2.50

Release date

July 1993

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